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About Us


Since 2007, we are a Canadian-Polish family-run business specialized in designing and crafting single-piece jewellery and home decors.

Kamila is the Chief Visionary Officer and mixed-media designer. She is an expert in art history and craft techniques after studying painting at the Polish Art Academy in Warsaw, architecture and industrial design in Montreal.

Artur studied Japanease culture and while being a pro in airplanes modeling, he takes care of the technical side of the business and plays a creative force in the lampworking or wood designs. Our kids, two boys, are also involved in the creative process but mainly in making a colorful mess in the studio by finger-painting on the walls - any parent will relate to that :)

Art is part of our lives since "ever", and naturally the expression of creativity became a profession in its own right - a way to live, share and celebrate life.


We believe that everything is related to everything else. We are part of a bigger ecosystem than we realize.

We value the link with the nature. We listen, feel, touch and smell its purest form around us. We value recycling, as we want to giveback what we have taken from the Mother Nature.

We value honesty towards itself. Openness to the new. Courage to try.

When you fall, you get up and you keep walking. 

And keep asking why.


We postulate for the return of craftsmanship over mass-production.

As craftsmen, connected to the Mother Nature, the simple life and centuries-old values, we assume that  humanity, in the near future, will make a decisive u-turn from what is fabricated towards the man-made: the lost quality, respect for the craft and skills of hands, genuine making. We vision the times where ancient or "old school" techniques and wisdom (and what we took for granted) will come back. Anew, reborn, serving as a directive to the quality of life of the future ahead.